Scenes for Survival | Tiger is Out


13 Aug 2020

News Story

A month after the death of her big brother, Laura’s parents buy her a pet tiger. They never explain the tiger and won't discuss her brother. Not ever. Now that she’s having to learn to live with a dangerous animal every step becomes a tiptoe, every word becomes a whisper, and things are starting to spiral out of control. An extract from the forthcoming play I Am Tiger from writer Oliver Emanuel, directed by Lu Kemp and starring Ava Hickey.

Produced by National Theatre of Scotland, in association with BBC Scotland, Screen Scotland, BBC Arts’ Culture in Quarantine project and Imaginate, with support from Hopscotch Films.

This work has been developed and supported by Imaginate’s Accelerator programme. Accelerator is supported by the PLACE programme, funded by the Scottish Government, the City of Edinburgh Council and the Edinburgh Festivals, and supported and administered by Creative Scotland.

"Lockdown has been especially hard on children. No school, no nursery. They can’t see their friends or wider family. Suddenly their world has got a lot smaller. And as a parent, it’s hard to make sense of this moment. How do we explain what is happening to our kids? These are some of the things I’ve been struggling with and as a writer I find that often my answer lies in telling a story. We need to find ways to talk about the difficult and the dangerous with our children and maybe, maybe, stories are the way"

Oliver Emanuel, Writer

"A girl locks herself in a bathroom so she can eat a bag of crisps. A choice to barricade yourself in to avoid a threat outside, made under extraordinary circumstances. Something surely most of us can relate to at the moment! I loved making this. Our lead Ava Hickey is a huge talent, and was a joy to work with on this. A whole new art form for me, and I hope young audiences particularly will find this story as funny and moving as we do."

Lu Kemp, Director