Scenes for Survival | The Longest Summer


27 Jul 2020

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What do you remember most about growing up? Chances are it might be the summers, with so much time to play they felt like they might go on forever. And it looks like this one might be the longest yet… Written by Noisemaker (Scott Gilmour & Claire McKenzie) and directed by Jemima Levick, The Longest Summer sees Richard Rankin star in a lyrical, life-affirming musical journey through childhood and hardship, celebrating the beautiful things that the world has to offer.

Produced by National Theatre of Scotland, in association with BBC Scotland, Screen Scotland and BBC Arts’ Culture in Quarantine project, with support from Hopscotch Films.

"We wrote this piece during the first week lockdown began to lift in Scotland. The weird first phase when you could only see one person at a time but it had to be outside. The first tentative, confusing steps towards re-finding “normal”. But what was brilliant was, when you went outside, people were still managing to find wee pockets of happiness. Folk out running and cycling, entire families off on a walk together, kids playing with their mums and dads, every dog in the country being confused by the sudden increase in walkies. And it was sunny! Like really, really sunny. Even the sky was even trying to keep our spirits up. And in that little chunk of time, it managed to feel a lot like hope was there. That somehow we’ll get through all this. And that 20 years from now, we might be able to look back and see some light in all the darkness."

Noisemaker (Scott Gilmour and Claire McKenzie)

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