Scenes for Survival | Running Out


27 Aug 2020

News Story

Eager to keep up with her fitness-freak mum, Fran has to get on with her training. The only problem is she’s stuck inside, and doing laps round her kitchen isn’t going to cut it. But with the power of imagination, and a little virtual motivation from her long-suffering coach Nick, she can escape the mundanity of her surroundings. Victoria Balnaves and John Scougall feature in a breathless new short from writer Àine King, directed by Sarah McCardie.

Produced by the National Theatre of Scotland, in association with BBC Scotland, Screen Scotland, BBC Arts’ Culture in Quarantine project and Pier Arts Centre with support from Hopscotch Films.

"I’m delighted to be part of Scenes for Survival. Telling stories is how we reassure each other that we’re not alone. We can’t sit side by side in the theatre right now, but we’re virtually holding hands and holding our breath in the dark, waiting to weep and cheer together when it’s over."

Àine King, Writer

"I am delighted to be involved as a Director in Scenes for Survival. Our Industry is going through a crippling time due to COVID-19 & we have no idea if & when some form of normality will resume. We must support and encourage all creatives to embrace this new norm & collaborate. The future of theatre is currently unknown, but what is certain, is the talent in Scotland will pull together & we will rise. Thank you NTS for producing work & opportunity during these most challenging circumstances."

Sarah McCardie, Director

"I think a LOT of people can identify with not-always-telling-the-whole-truth to our parents. I live with chronic illness, so I spend a lot of time not-telling-the-whole-truth to family and friends, saying ‘Yeah, I’m fine…fine…’ when I’m not. It’s easy on the phone, but with Covid, suddenly we were all skyping and video-calling and zooming…and not-telling-the-truth got a lot more complicated….I live in Orkney, but was away south just as the virus began to get serious. Hurrying home on trains and planes, ahead of the lockdown, I was wondering how many people who’d been getting away with not-telling-the-whole-truth were about to come unstuck in all sorts of little personal dramas….And then all the pasta and rice Fran would need to create her fake sound effects vanished from the shops…literally running out."

Àine King, Writer