Grow Your Own Gesamtkunstwerk (GYOG!) | Episode 4: Lighting | Ages 7+


18 Jun 2020

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For ages 7 +

In this week’s episode Veronika looks at bringing light to your performance. She explores different types of lighting at home and shows how you can create your own effects, from scary shadows to colourful disco lights. Veronika also has an illuminating chat with Lighting Designer Simon Hayes!

A video series about how to make a show at home. Each episode focuses on a different area of the arts, building up each week, so that by the end of the series, you have all the ingredients to make a piece of theatre to be performed in your own home. Created and presented by Glasgow based arts enthusiast Veronika Velvette. Facilitated by Claire Eliza Willoughby and Rob Jones, GYOG! is also supported by Snap – Elastic.

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