Scenes for Survival | Future Perfect (Tense)


13 Aug 2020

News Story

Life is full of tricky choices- whether to buy that new sofa, what to do for Hogmanay, how to keep your partner happy- and sometimes everyone wishes they could phone up their future self to check that they’re making the right ones. But after setting up the call one woman finds that it’s less reassuring than she’d hoped. Neshla Caplan stars in a witty, metaphysical new short from writer Nicola McCartney, directed by Eve Nicol.

Produced by National Theatre of Scotland, in association with BBC Scotland, Screen Scotland, BBC Arts’ Culture in Quarantine project and Cumbernauld Theatre, with support from Hopscotch Films.

"What I find particularly exciting about Nicola’s script is that it can only exist in this form. It isn't something that you could achieve onstage at all, without having to rely on some kind of audio/visual technology. Or cloning. The piece leans into the opportunities for storytelling that are unique to the digital space."

Eve Nicol, Director