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14 Sep 2020

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Credo sees former Scots Makar Liz Lochhead perform a reading of her witty, uplifting manifesto on the art of theatre-making. The poem was first published in 2016 as The Theatre-Makers Credo, as part of her collection Fugitive Colours, which was released at the end of her term as Scotland’s national poet. Written by Liz Lochhead, performed by Liz Lochhead and Andy Clark and directed by Morag Fullarton.

Produced by the National Theatre of Scotland, in association with BBC Scotland, Screen Scotland and BBC Arts' Culture in Quarantine project with support from Hopscotch Films.

"There is a favourite quote I’m remembering from an old movie. I’m getting Michael Caine, so could it be Sleuth…? Anyway, this writer has come upon this new play by a totally unknown student of his and he loves it so much he decides to kill him and steal it for his own. He says something like: “This play, this play is so good not even a really talented director could screw it up.”

There’s not a playwright I know who doesn’t give a particularly sardonic hoot of laughter at this line. We’ve all – not often, or we’d not still be doing it, we’d be writing novels or short stories – but at least once in our lives we’ve probably had the painful experience of witnessing the disconnect between what we thought we were trying to do and say in the play and what’s being encouraged to emerge in the rehearsal room. One production-week got me sublimating my left-over energy and frustration into putting down in rhyming doggerel what I believe it’s all about, drama, this business-of-show. My credo. Referencing, naturally, the wisdom of Euripides and Moliere, quoting heroes like Mamet, Shakespeare and the immortal Bette Midler."

Liz Lochhead, Writer & Performer

"How lucky am I? I got to work with a great director with great ideas, Morag Fullarton, a great actor, Andy Clark, (both longtime pals and frequent collaborators of mine) along with a real camera-man and sound-recordist, all of us scrupulously socially-distanced on location in the Kelvingrove Bandstand on turning this wee squib into what we all hope will be a funny, entertaining and mibbe thought-provoking Scene for Survival.

Because the theatre is genuinely the joyously collaborative medium we all claim it to be. And all of us -- writers, directors, designers, stage-managers, technicians, and audiences are currently bereft, broken-hearted, lonely and fearful for the future of our industry. Well, for the future of our fun, our creativity, our culture -- of what has been our lives. We’re willing to do anything, anything at all to keep the spark alive till we can re-kindle the glorious flame of live theatre again."

Liz Lochhead, Writer & Performer

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