Scenes for Survival | Alone Part II


30 Jul 2020

News Story

Freed from life under her controlling husband Jim, lonely mother Betty is finally free to reach out to Stephen, her estranged son now living as a young artist in London. There’s so much to catch up on, and it’s high time they started planning for their futures. Janey Godley teams up with Jack Lowden and director Caitlin Skinner for a heart-warming and uplifting follow-up to her original Scenes for Survival short Alone.

Produced by National Theatre of Scotland, in association with BBC Scotland, Screen Scotland, BBC Arts’ Culture in Quarantine project, with support from Hopscotch Films.

"I wrote this piece to reflect the issues that the pandemic has thrown up but rarely mentioned, coercion and domestic violence exists in every class of society and how people cope with the loneliness and issues surrounding that deserved to be explored through theatre."

Janey Godley, Writer

"During this time so much about our lives and our world has been thrown into focus in new ways, but it is the same world we’ve always known. In making these two pieces with Janey, and now with Jack too, we wanted to show how humans are facing the same struggles that they’ve always faced but in a different context. They explore how healing takes time, that justice isn’t always straight forward and I think particularly with Alone Part II that there is a huge amount of love to be found and laughs to be had, even in the hardest of times."

Caitlin Skinner, Director

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