Scenes for Survival | 68 Months in Waiting


27 Aug 2020

News Story

Driven from home by their community and abandoned on a lonely island, a young non-binary person races to set out their story while violence closes in around them. A powerful tale from writer Nelly Kelly, featuring Afton Moran and Jo Clifford and directed by Nazli Tabatabai-Khatambakhsh.

Produced by the National Theatre of Scotland, in association with BBC Scotland, Screen Scotland, BBC Arts’ Culture in Quarantine project and Queen Jesus Productions with support from Hopscotch Films.

"My involvement in Scenes for Survival feels like a lifeline for me as a writer who is early on in their career. It’s a reminder that all is not lost for those of us starting out, that there are and hopefully will continue to be opportunities out there for us. Now more than ever we all need to come together to support our theatres, so that when this lockdown eases and we can come together again, we have a space to do so where we can laugh, cry and begin to heal from this experience in a space together. As theatres are forced to adapt to survive, my hope is that we can use this time to shake things up and find bigger and better ways of raising the creative voices of those historically offered less opportunity to make work for our stages, resulting in bigger and better opportunities to redefine who theatre is for by making it a place where we can all see ourselves and our lives accurately depicted, humanised and vitally celebrated onstage."

Nelly Kelly, Writer

"I'm humbled and thrilled to be directing on this collaborative adventure and even more so in times that call for radical empathy at a local and global scale."

Nazli Tabatabai-Khatambakhsh, Director