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If I had a hammer… (Discussion) (2pm – 5pm)

A series of discussions and provocations around the idea that artists might have a role in shaping the future, led by Richard Gregory, Artistic Director of Quarantine.

Meet the panelists….

Richard Gregory (Quarantine)

Mark Stevenson, National Theatre of Scotland Futurist in Residence
Twitter @Optimistontour

Robin McAlpine (Common Weal)
Twitter @Common_Weal

Zandra Yeaman (Coalition of Racial Equality and Rights)
Twitter @zandrayeaman

Laura Waddell (Writer and Publisher)
Twitter @lauraewaddell

Dinner by Laurie Brown (Performance) (3pm – 5pm)

Dinner is a series of performative, participatory meals looking at ritual, intimacy and the role of food in our lives. Over the course of a couple of hours participants will eat a pre-prepared meal together, observing certain rituals.

About Laurie Brown

A photo of Laurie standing outside

Laurie Brown is an artist, theatre maker, actor and designer based in Glasgow. His work is thematically diverse and often multi-platform but primarily performance based. Whilst the content varies as a response to changing environment, Laurie’s work is constantly informed by a politics of queer empathy.

Creative Team

Created and performed by Laurie Brown
Nic Green
Kevin Andrew Morris

Friday evening

National Theatre of Scotland’s One Day to Play

The outcomes of a paid opportunity for four artists to experiment across art-forms and to generate a brand new idea, curated by Ashanti Harris (Project X) and Camara Taylor (Transmission).

The Artists

Kolbrún Björt Sigfúsdóttir: Director and Playwright
Director and playwright based in Edinburgh, Kolbrun is the director of Brite Theatre and has directed all of the company’s shows and written or adapted most of their plays, as well as working freelance.

Claricia Kruithof: Movement artist working across performance, choreography and producing
Claricia is a Dutch-Indonesian movement artist based in Edinburgh, working across performance, choreography and producing. Interested in exploring connections and spaces between diverse cultures and movement practices, her emerging artistic practice draws on traditional, contemporary, street dance and ballroom (vogue) cultures.

Hannan Jones: Artist, Facilitator and Musician
Hannan is an artist, facilitator and musician. Living and working between Glasgow, Scotland and Perth, Australia. Through individual, social and cultural relations informed by personal encounters and experiences, Hannan’s practice focuses on translation and transition, concepts which are explored through language, rhythm, memory and social engagement.

Shaheeda Sinckler: Visual Artist, Music Producer and Gallerist
Shaheeda is a visual artist, music producer and gallerist. Having grown up in Edinburgh from the age of 9, Shaheeda relocated to Glasgow in 2015 to study Social Sciences and instead, dropped out, became an artist and started art collective and gallery, Where People Sleep, with two friends. After a lifetime of musical interest, in mid-2017, Shaheeda began to produce and perform sample-based electronic music under the alias ‘NOVA SCOTIA the TRUTH’.”

The Drift by Hannah Lavery

The Drift is a journey through history, through Scottishness, through belonging, and through grief. It is an autobiographical spoken word show by Hannah Lavery, where she explores her legacy of being “mixed” in Scotland, left to her by her father and his mother, and their journeys.

About Hannah Lavery

Hannah Lavery is a freelance writer and performer who has had residences with The Scottish Book Trust and The Whole Works in Edinburgh. She was awarded a Tom McGrath playwriting grant in 2015 and the Megaphone Residency from the Workers’ Theatre in 2017, and has had commissions from the University of Edinburgh and Greater Glasgow NHS.

Creative Team

Created and performed by Hannah Lavery
Directed by Jenny Lindsay

Heir of the Cursed (Music)

Kenyan born Beldina Odenyo Onassis’s performs under the guise of Heir of the Cursed. Her soulful music has the ability to make a room stand still and is influenced by the strange nuances of life, rooted in grief, Scottish weather, the constant and the inconstant.

Find out more at




Ignorance is a sweet cup of tea by Adura Onashile

“I was thinking about tea and identity and how subjective both are. I was thinking about empire and the history of tea, about its chequered historical and contemporary resonance. I was thinking about who produces tea and where it is largely consumed.”

Adura provoked a series of conversations titled “Empowering change: Discussions on Art, Race & Privilege”. These conversations centred on creating a safe space for a dialogue about art, responsibility, cultural privilege and it’s inverse.

Ignorance is a Sweet cup of Tea is a performative exploration of these conversations.

About Adura Onashile

Adura Onashile is a Glasgow based theatre-maker. She has premiered two productions, HeLa and Expensive S**t at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, winning a Fringe First, Edinburgh Guide Best Scottish Contribution to Drama, and TOTAL and Amnesty nominations.

Creative Team

Created, written and presented by: Adura Onashile
Collaborator: Nima Sene

Thanks to: Gemma Baxter, the National Theatre of Great Britain Step-change programme, Nima Sene, Richard Darby.

Girl Meets Boy

“She was the most beautiful boy I’d ever seen.”

A bright-eyed and form-bending adaptation of Ali Smith’s love story, Girl Meets Boy.

As Pure Inc. tries to buy out the water in Inverness for worldwide distribution, Imogen finds herself in charge of the advertising campaign. Meanwhile Anthea returns home after uni and finds a kilted stranger spray-painting slogans all over her home-town. Greek myths, gender politics and global protest combine as two very different sisters collide and their worlds transform.

A story about what it means to be in-between.

About Debbie Hannan 

a photo of debbie hannan
Debbie trained at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and was Trainee Director at the Royal Court. She directs and makes new work. Recent theatre credits include The Wonderful World of Dissocia (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland), Pandora (Pleasance) and Lot and his God (Citizens). She has recently written SHAME: A DOUBLE BILL (Bang Bang Bang Group) and co-wrote Vinyl Idol (Òran Mór).

Creative Team

Director: Debbie Hannan
Producer (for the production): Lucy Hollis
Designer: Rūta Irbīte
Musician, Composer and Performer: Beldina Odenyo
Dramaturg: David Wylot


Robin: Neshla Caplan
Ensemble: Kirsty Findlay
Midge: Kay McAllister
Anthea: Isobel McArthur

Thanks to: Old Vic New Voices, Arts Council England, Really Useful Group, The Yard, Suki Mok, Samuel Keefe, Lucy Hinnie, Peter Burke, Arcadia Woods, Quang Kien Van, Lucy Bairstow, Lizzie Clarke, Ruth Milne, Ruby Richardson, Meghan Treadway, Alison Tennant and The Wiley Agency.

Developed at and supported by The Yard Theatre. Previously supported by Old Vic Lab, Really Useful Group and Arts Council England.


Bossy Love

Find out more at soundcloud.com/bossylove

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