Just Start Here – Saturday

Saturday 9 March, 4.00pm – 7.30pm

With Fiercer Urgency

What are the stories we must tell about climate change? How can artists and activists translate intellectual understanding into emotional connection and truth? A workshop focused on galvanising creative actions and responses to climate change. Featuring a provocation from Dr Leslie Mabon (Reader in Environment and Society at Robert Gordon University) with more to be announced.

5 Minutes to Move Me – //BUZZCUT//

Move Me To Action! Move Me To Tears! Move Me Closer! Let’s Move Together!

Share 5 minutes together with an artist across a table as they attempt to move you in this series of one on one encounters.

CHOW AND CHAT: Presence and The Outside In – The Stove Network

A conversation with your dinner. The Stove Network is an arts and community project based in the High Street of Dumfries. In spite of the red tape, policies and bureaucracy, artists have managed to move in to the High Street. Now what?

Exploring ideas of governance, art, community, power and engagement – how do artists work with their community to explore issues local, national and global? Who owns what and how do we keep our fingers on the pulse whilst still creating, responding and strategising? Where does art live and is there such a thing as ‘reclaiming culture’?

Food will be vegan and gluten-free and complimentary to ticket holders for the 4pm – 7.30pm session


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Saturday 9 March, 7.30pm – 11.00pm

Now/Apathy/Action Sharing

The work explores climate change’s effect on the world, what is happening now and what could happen in the future depending on whether or not we take action.

Created as part the National Theatre of Scotland’s Fierce Urgency of Now event, Fiona Soe Paing and Jo Gilbert were matched up, having never met or collaborated before, and came up with a new performance in just one day, inspired by a provocation supplied by climate change expert and Robert Gordon University Reader Leslie Mabbon

The Afflicted

The Afflicted is a new piece of dance theatre  inspired by the true story of eighteen girls in Le Roy New York who were afflicted with a mysterious illness manifesting as violent physical and vocal ticks and twitches.

It looks at how these young women dealt with something in their bodies that was beyond their control; how a community dealt with unusual behaviour in its midst; and what might happen if a contemporary society believed that this illness was somehow supernatural.

Performed by a multi-talented ensemble of female performers and borrowing from the genres of both documentary podcasts and horror films, the piece weaves together choreography, video and text.

Created by Vicki Manderson and Finn den Hertog, playwright Jake Jeppson and Sound and Video Designer Lewis den Hertog


Live Music from WHɎTE


Get tickets for afternoon and evening sessions together for just £8. Add both tickets to your basket and the discount will be applied automatically.


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