Freelance Producer Callout


Job Description


Closing date:
Thursday 30th September 2021

National Theatre of Scotland is looking to expand our pool of freelance producers as we return to making live work. We are interested in getting to know producers from a range of experiences, from emerging to established careers. Producers with experience working on digital projects are also encouraged to submit their information.

Please review the outline provided in the role information with the expectations that we have of someone who is engaged by the National Theatre of Scotland as a freelance Producer. Expectations may vary across the range and size of productions that we undertake. This will all be very familiar to experienced Producers, but we hope will be helpful and bring clarity to those who are early on in their career.

National Theatre of Scotland values the freedom of expression and creativity, striving to provide communities with a space that celebrates Scotland’s range of diversity. If you are a Freelance Producer who is part of a community historically excluding from theatre making, we are especially keen on getting to know you and your work. We will respond to all enquiries and looking to meet as many people as we can.

How To Apply

Apply here via Submittable or send an introductory email and CV to We are also happy to accept other forms of introduction such as video or audio. Please send these in by Thursday 30th September 2021. We will reply to all enquiries.

We here at the National Theatre of Scotland aim to provide an anti-oppressive environment for people from all backgrounds and does not discriminate against based on race, national or ethnic background, citizen status, hair texture, sexual orientation, gender, age, religion, disability, social economic status, nor immigration status. We acknowledge definitions of expression and inclusion will evolve. As a national theatre, we are committed to continually revisiting this statement of inclusion in collaboration with our respected communities that we serve.

Diversity Monitoring Form

Please complete the Diversity Monitoring Form.