Hanna Tuulikki

Hanna is an artist, composer and performer based in Scotland, who works with the voice and gesture, to re-imagine resonant stories of contemporary relevance. In research-led, multi-disciplinary projects, she investigates the ways in which the body communicates beyond and before words. With a particular interest in the practice of “mimesis” within musical and movement traditions across cultures, her work explores the place of folk narratives, memory, ritual and technology within specific environments. Informed by contemporary understandings of “naturecultures” and “gender performance”, her work gravitates towards the spaces “in-between”, be it human-and-more- than-human, male-and-female, or ancient-and-contemporary, considering the “sounding body” as a meeting point between self and the world. Tuulikki’s innovative practice spans site-specific performance, immersive audiovisual installation and interactive new media, blending together vocal composition, choreography, costume and visual score drawings. Her critically acclaimed work has been commissioned and presented by organisations internationally, across visual, musical and performing arts in the UK, Europe, USA, India and Australia.



Digital: How The Earth Must See Itself

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