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Closing date: 29th August

Fee: £2,805

(paid to selected artists for taking part in the lab)


On Submittable in writing


On Submittable by video (including in BSL)

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An artists’ lab to explore creatively engaged theatre.

Thinking Space is a physical and virtual space where a group of eight theatre makers come together to explore what “creative engagement” means and could mean from where we are now.

At the National Theatre of Scotland, we have been reviewing the role of Creative Engagement in the organisation and are seeking a community of practitioners to engage in a facilitated research process which examines the role of creative engagement in the creation of new theatre productions.

Thinking Space will take place between October 2021 and February 2022. Although the content and activity of the space will be co-created with the selected artists, as a starting point we are proposing the following structure:

  • Two three-day in person labs taking place in October and February.
  • “Outside Inspiration” sessions – up to four online discussions where we invite other artists and companies to share their experiences and practice with us, provoke discussion and inspire further thinking.
  • One to ones – time for artists to have a supported conversation with one of the Thinking Space Facilitators to work through an idea, a concept or anything else that is presenting itself to them through the process.
  • Inspiration space – an online space for posting links, thoughts, images, articles, anything that the group come across throughout the period that is informing their thinking and could be of use or interest to the rest of the group.
  • Ideas sharing – participating artists will reflect on the process through the form of an idea that they have investigated during the lab – this could be an idea for a production, an idea for a community engagement project or an idea about what they have discovered about their response to “creative engagement”.

Who might want to take part in Thinking Space

Theatre makers at any stage of their career who are interested in creating theatre that might be termed as socially engaged theatre, participatory theatre, theatre that is co-created with communities or non-professionals. You may have a long track record of making this type of theatre or this may be a new development in your practice. This lab is about theatre making and how communities contribute to the process and the type of theatre productions we might develop at the National Theatre of Scotland.

Time commitment

You would be expected to commit a total of 15 days. Six days would be face to face in two blocks of three:

26 - 28 October 2021

1 - 3 February 2022

Four half-days would be to attend guest speaker/masterclasses/provocation sessions (online)

Seven days would be for your own individual research/writing/thinking.


Total Fee would be £2,805 which is based on the NTS Associate artist day-rate of £187/day.


Thinking Space will be facilitated by Nic Green and Wezi Mhura.


The in-person sessions will take place at Rockvilla in Glasgow. Where required, travel and accommodation will be provided in addition to the fee.


You must be a theatre artist based in Scotland. By artist we mean someone who generates and delivers an artistic idea for a theatre production. You can be at any stage of career and have no experience or lots of experience of “creative engagement” in terms of theatre making.

How to apply

You can apply in writing or by making a short video to answer the questions. You can apply in BSL by video.

On Submittable in writing


On Submittable by video (including in BSL)

Closing Date

The closing date for applications will be Sunday 29th August.

Selection process

Applications will be shortlisted by members of the Creative Engagement team at National theatre of Scotland. The facilitators will then join the Creative Engagement team members and that panel will select The Thinking Space participants from the shortlist.


The selection criteria are explained in each question on the form. If you need further information, please email


If you are selected, we will discuss any access needs you have to enable you to participate fully, including support with caring responsibilities.