Thinking Space | Application Process

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There are two sections to the application. The first part is about you, and will help us to select a range of experience and practice for the lab.

The second part is specifically about why you would like to take part, the difference it would make and what you are interested in exploring.

The “what we’re looking for” sections aim to give you a clearer idea of the sort of information to put into your responses. Above all we’re looking for a genuine curiosity about creative engagement and a passion to develop the practice.

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Audio Version

Listen to the audio version of the application here:

About you

There are only eight places available in Thinking Space, so, as well having a group of artists who are curious about Creative Engagement and passionate to develop their practice, we would like to select a cohort who will reflect Scotland’s diversity. Our intention is to have a gender balance across the cohort, and include artists of colour, those who identify as disabled and artists based outside of the central belt.

To help us in the selection process, please tell us about yourself and how you identify, in your own words here:

In terms of your career as an artist, which of the following (do you feel?) best describes you?

  • Experienced artist
  • Mid-career artist
  • Early career/starting-out

In terms of creating theatre with and for communities in a participatory or co-created practice, which of the following describes where you are in terms of your practice:

  • This is my main practice as a theatre maker.
  • I have some experience, but it is not my main practice.
  • I have no experience and am keen to develop my practice.

About your practice and why you want to take part in Thinking Space

1. In your own words, tell us about yourself as an artist and your practice – you don’t need to tell us why you’re interested in Thinking Space in this response, that will come next.

What we're looking for – how you describe your practice and what motivates you to make your art. This response will also help us in selecting people with different approaches to their practice.

2. What would you like to explore in terms of your own practice and the wider sector by taking part in Thinking Space?

What we're looking for – what difference taking part in the process will make to you as an artist and your motivation for being part of a project like this.

3. Tell us about an idea you might like to shape and investigate through this process.

What we're looking for – your starting point for this process in terms of the idea for a show/production/project you might propose as where you begin artistic inquiry.

4. As an audience member or a maker what has been your best – and your worst – experience of community/participatory/co-created theatre.

What we're looking for – what excites you about work you’ve seen or made and what challenges or questions seeing/making work has raised for you.

5. What does creative engagement mean to you?

What we're looking for – a bit of insight into your curiosity around creative engagement and where you are in terms of how you define the practice.

And finally…

It would be really helpful for us to get a head start on the sort of artists, companies or organisations you are interested in engaging with through provocations, discussions or practical sessions.

An important part of Thinking Space is to hear from other theatre makers through provocations, discussions or practical sessions. What three artists (Scottish, UK or internationally) would you be most curious to discuss their practice with?

Before you go…

We are expecting a lot of interest in Thinking Space, and we won’ t be able to accommodate everyone who applies to be in this lab. However, this is the start of a journey and a conversation, so we’d like to be able to stay in touch with you. Would you like us to add you to our list and get in touch with you about other opportunities, projects or anything else related to artist development and Creative Engagement at the National Theatre of Scotland?