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The 306 Trilogy

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Lost Light - Music from The 306

The Lost Lightalbum features music from The 306 Trilogy, Oliver Emanuel and Gareth Williams powerful and profound First World War plays, commemorating the heart-breaking true stories of the 306 men executed for cowardice and desertion during the conflict and the devastating consequences for those they left behind.

Central to each part of the trilogy, the music set the tone for each instalment, expressing the characters’ emotional states, whether that be soaring sentiments or discordant crises.

We are offering schools a suite of resources around the making of the show and exclusive access to the full recording of the production and a free download of the music.

Download or Stream the Music

You can access Lost Light: Music from The 306 in the way that suits you best. It's available to stream on your preferred platforms or schools can exclusively download it from Soundcloud (below) where you can keep the files on your own device for free.

Watch: Oh My God (Music Video)

Watch: The 306 Dawn (full production recording)

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