Fraser MacLeod

Fraser trained at Queen Margaret University College. As a performer, facilitator and director, Fraser has worked with Ickleflix, Theatre Jezebel, LicketySpit, East End Community Arts Project, UK Theatre School, Youth Theatre Arts Scotland, Citizens Theatre, Cutting Edge, Birds of Paradise, National Theatre of Scotland and was Associate Artistic Director for Scottish Youth Theatre.

Fraser is currently Lead Associate for Licketyspit. His directing credits include Blanche & Butch (as assistant director – Birds of Paradise), Chimera, A Present State (Tron Studio/Tron Theatre), International Performing Company – The Tin Forest (Scottish Youth Theatre /National Theatre of Scotland), Now’s the Hour (Scottish Youth Theatre /BBC), Instant (Scottish Youth Theatre /Glasgay), Tips (Development – Random Accomplice/Mary Gapinski), The Glasgow Passion (Cutting Edge Theatre Productions), It Wasn’t Me, It Was Goldilocks, Jack and the Magic Beans, The Princess and the Pea (Scottish Youth Theatre /Aberdeen Performing Arts), The Happiness Formula, Collateral Damage, The Sky is Falling, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, You Can’t Catch Me, Born Bad?, The Court of Miracle and The Ugly Duckling (Scottish Youth Theatre).

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