Script Reading

For Artists

All scripts submitted are received by our dramaturg, Rosie Kellagher, and in the first instance read by a paid, external script reading team.  Reports from readers and recommendations are shared with our Dramaturg, Artistic Development team and Artistic Director Jackie Wylie. 

We will send feedback to every writer who submits an eligible play. Our eligibility criteria can be found here. We aim to read and share this feedback within 3 months of a play being submitted.

It is very unlikely that we will be able to commission or produce plays submitted to us as we have a number of plays already under commission which will take priority for production. However, reading the plays that are sent to us is one of the key ways we develop a relationship with a writer.

When considering whether - and how - we might support the development of a play and/or a playwright, we assess:

  • the originality of a playwright’s voice and/or characters/story
  • the quality of the writing and level of a writer’s craft (e.g. dialogue, structure, pacing)
  • the audience it would allow us to reach

If we are able to offer any further support to a writer, our dramaturg will be in touch to discuss.