Neurostages | Body Dialogues: stimming as sensory play | Sat 16 Oct



When: Sat 16 October, 12:00 - 1:30pm

Where: Online only, via Zoom. Please wear comfortable clothing, have a pen and paper to draw/write with, and a bottle of water to hand.

What: This workshop is an invitation to drop into sensation and move in a way that brings us joy. It is an invitation to dance, to stim and to follow the threads of attention that weave between our inner rhythms and those of our sensory environments.

Susanna will create a Relaxed zoom workshop space, inviting you to do what you need to do to get the most out of your experience, whether that be turning your camera off, taking breaks when you need them, or turning your disco lights on!

This workshop is an opening up of the neurodivergent guided dance practice that Susanna has discovered through STIMMING R&D, a collaboration with Aby Watson, Danni Spooner and Manon Ouimet.

Joining Online

Due to a limited capacity, this event is only available to pre-registered participants.

This event is due to start at 12.00pm on Zoom. Registered participants have been sent the Zoom link via the email they registered with.

If you have not received your Zoom link or have any questions, please contact us using our website live chat via the chat icon in the bottom right or email

Who's Involved


This event is included within the NEUROSTAGES festival ticket and cannot be booked individually. The festival ticket is Pay What You Wish from £0 to £25 and can be booked here.