All submissions should be video recorded – no need for professional equipment or fancy set ups. A smart phone recording will do. All applicants should complete the form and upload their video(s) using the WeTransfer link provided. Please ensure that all video files have your name in the title, or you can just say your name at the start of each video.

The form will ask for your contact details and also invite you to upload a performing CV, or provide us with a Spotlight link. If you don’t have either of these don’t worry, you can just give us a brief list of any relevant performance experience you may have.


Please record you acting ONE of the scenes provided. We have provided an option for each of the characters described in the call out – you can pick whichever one you wish, but we will consider everyone for both parts. You can either have someone else “read in” the lines which are not yours, or if you don’t have anyone available you can just leave a pause.


Please record yourself singing 1 minute of a rock/pop song of your choice. Using a backing track if you have one (you can find lots on YouTube!) or just a cappella if you would prefer. This should be a song which shows off your vocal abilities so we get a sense of what you can do.


We need to get a sense of your movement abilities. If you have an existing video of you dancing (whatever it may be) please feel free to send us a short 20-30 clip of this. It could be a TikTok dance, your end of term dance show, just you in your front room...! If you don’t have anything suitable please just send us a video of you dancing your own choreography to the song we provided, just 20-30 seconds is enough.

All Submissions must be received by Friday 16th July.