Artist Call Out

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What does “care” mean in a contemporary Scotland?

National Theatre of Scotland is seeking a Scotland based artist to positively imagine the impact that creative arts can make within a care context across Scotland.

Project details:

The scope of the project is wide and will be developed by one or two artists, working closely with National Theatre of Scotland, and liaising with local authorities and key care givers across Scotland.

Possible areas of exploration:

  • Bringing Young People and Care Givers together to explore what care means today.
  • Bringing Older People in Care Homes and Care Givers together to explore healing as we come through the other side of Covid-19 and explore the impact on an ageing community.
  • Bringing communities together to explore how we care and heal

Phase 1: Research and Development

Phase 2: exploration of ideas with possibility of community engagement

21 March 2021: presentation of findings including ideas potential longer-term social change project which speaks directly to our strategic aims and objectives.

Length: 6 months from October 2020

Part time: three days/week

Artist Fee: £14,000 + project budget to support the work.

Recruitment process:

Notes of interests: by 17 August 2020

An up to date CV and short paragraph on why you are interested in the post, and please complete our diversity monitoring form as well by following this link:

Please send your notes of interest by email to:

Applications: by 7 September 2020

We will select a group of interested artists and ask for 2 sides of A4 explaining what you would like to explore, why it is important and relevant to you, how your practice will shape your thinking and what this may look like. The selected group will be notified by 24 August 2020.

An appropriate fee will be offered for the application.

Interviews: week of 14 September 2020

Final selection will be done by interview

Notes of interest and applications will be considered by a panel from National Theatre of Scotland Artistic Strategy Team.