Adam - A New broadcast version | Actors Open Call for three Roles

National Theatre of Scotland and Hopscotch Films are producing a special filmed version of the stage production Adam by Frances Poet, inspired by the life of Adam Kashmiry, directed by Cora Bissett and Louise Lockwood, and supported by BBC Scotland and BBC Arts.

We would love to receive submissions from professional performers over 18 years of age, with at least one year’s acting experience, based in Scotland.

We are casting for:

Egyptian Adam aged 18-25 years

A performer of Middle Eastern, North African or mixed Middle Eastern or mixed North African heritage to play a female Egyptian character.

Egyptian Adam is the opposing side of the central character’s trans self. Adam was assigned female at birth but since childhood has always known himself to be a boy. Throughout the production, Adam escapes ostracisation and threats in his home country to become an exile in Scotland and an exile from his country, culture, and his own body.

As Adam discovers that he is in fact transgender, he fights an immigration system which will not allow him to seek medical help unless he can prove he is male, which he cannot prove without access to testosterone.

Adam and Egyptian Adam are aspects of one person, and they fight as two people in the same space as Adam’s mental health deteriorates. Egyptian Adam fights against the loss of their home culture, and fears that changing the body they were born into will have disastrous effects both mentally and spiritually.

Egyptian Adam is fiery, boyish in her manner, emotionally raw, raging at the world. She speaks either Arabic or English with an Arabic accent, or a mix of both.

THE MANAGER aged 30-45 years

A performer of North African, Middle Eastern or mixed North African or mixed Middle Eastern heritage to play a male Egyptian character

The Manager is in charge of the clothes shop where Adam works. He is a big fish in a small pond, a bit flash, proud of his little dominion, and he luxuriates in the power it gives him over his teenage workforce. He is sexually inappropriate with the young Adam and uses his power to intimidate.

MALAK aged 45 – 60 years

Adam’s Father. A performer of Middle Eastern, North African or mixed Middle Eastern or mixed North African Heritage to play a male Egyptian character.

Malak is a very traditional and conservative man. He is horrified at young Adam’s behaviour, as Adam stays out late drinking and defying his wishes. He wrongly suspects that Adam is gay. He is uncompromising and frightening in his resolute authority. Deep down he's afraid of what he doesn’t understand, and is a man bound by tradition and societal pressures. Ultimately he is a coward, who abandons his child when Adam needs him most.

For all roles: Ability to speak English with an Arabic accent required. Ability to speak Arabic is welcomed but not essential.

General Casting Information

The National Theatre of Scotland believes in including artists from diverse backgrounds and cultures based on sex, gender, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race (including ethnic origin, colour, nationality, and national origin), disability, sexual orientation, religion and or belief, age, and whether they are drama school trained or not, in all its work.

Where we are casting for a role that is culturally specific, we are committed to first casting a performer from that culture. However, we consider artists from diverse backgrounds for every role, not just those written with specific personal characteristics in mind.

If a specific skill, language or accent (spoken/ BSL) is required for the specific role, we will indicate this in the breakdown.

Our full casting policy can be read here

To apply, please send a Spotlight link or headshot and CV and a short video introduction to:

This Introduction should be about yourself and your experience working in the industry/ training so far.

Closing date and time: Wednesday 9 December at 12pm.

Meetings will take place via zoom on the 11 December.

In order to apply you must be available between the 11 and 24 January 2021 and currently based in Scotland.

All submissions will be considered by the National Theatre of Scotland’s Casting Director and the wider artistic team.

All performers will be paid in line with Equity agreed rates/contracts.