These residencies have a focus on discovering, doing research and initial development of an idea or new project. A budget of £5,000 to include lead artist fee (based on 2 weeks of their time), project costs and materials. These residencies take place over shorter timeframe of 2 months and could either take place in May- June 2022, or January – February 2023. How the artist would like to use their two weeks time is up to them (it could be a fortnight, or single days spread out across the 2 months). This residency will have the opportunity to share the work with peers.

Apply to this is if you are looking for a residency which helps you to explore your artistry, ideas and process of making work. This could be for doing some research into a new work, developing those initial ideas on your own/ with collaborators and/or using the time to develop your practice.

  • 8 Residencies Available
  • 2 Weeks of work (over a 2 month period between either May-June 22 or Jan - Feb 23)
  • Budget of £5000

We will work with each artist to tailor their residency to what they need, want to explore and develop.

All residencies will also have:

  • Access to rehearsal space – at Rockvilla in Glasgow, or similar local space to the artist(s)
  • 1-2-1s to focus on next steps for development of the work (including producing and dramaturgical support)
  • Technical support
  • Bespoke opportunities like process pop ins to rehearsals of productions
  • Sessions with National Theatre Scotland staff team (which could cover marketing and press, fundraising, touring, engagement)
  • Meeting with us at the end of the residency to explore what the next steps of the work could be
  • Support of a separate budget specifically for individual access needs. 1-2-1 sessions can be used to support creation of an artist’s access rider – a document which can then be shared with future collaborators.


Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, our timeline for processing and selecting applications has had to be extended.

Discover applicants will now be notified of the outcomes of their application by end of May 2022 following a panel selection meeting middle of May. All applicants will be contacted as soon as possible after this meeting.

Discover residencies due to happen between May - June 2022 will now take place June – August 2022 (in consultation with selected applicants)

Timelines for residencies due to take between January – February 2023 remain unchanged.

Application Process

1 Round – Application Form

Discover artists will be selected by a freelance artist panel and the NTS team from the applications submitted.

The panel is made up of National Theatre Scotland staff as well as paid freelance creatives. We will assess how you have answered the questions and use a scale to see how well evidenced your answers are. We will use a consensus decision making process where we will discuss and make the decisions together -rather than 1 person having final say on outcome. The panel are looking for two main things:

  • how your idea and project speaks to the programme priorities and if this is in an innovative or interesting way
  • how this residency will enable you to realise new ambitions for the project and your career going forward.

Application Questions

See below the application questions that you will need to answer on Submittable.

Tell us about you and how you make work?
(100 words) up to 1.5 minutes in video or audio

Tell us about the idea or project you want to develop?
(300 - 500 words) up to 5-8 minutes in video or audio

Tell us how your proposal speaks to one or any of our priorities?
(200 -400 words) up to 4 -6 minutes in video or audio

If you were awarded this money, tell us roughly how you would spend it to achieve what you want?
(Please note, during the residency we will work with you to set and manage your budget) (200 – 400 words) or up to 4 -6 minutes in video or audio

Where are you based in Scotland?
(dropdown menu of local authority on Submittable) up to 1 minute in video or audio

Please tick here if you are comfortable to let us know whether you are:

  • Black, Brown, People of Colour, from the African Diaspora, Caribbean Diaspora, East Asian Diaspora, South East Asian diaspora, South Asian diaspora, West Asian and Middle East Diaspora, Latinx, Indigenous people, bi-racial / multiple heritage
  • from marginalised genders including women, trans men, non binary, gender non-conforming, two-spirited, agender, genderfluid and intersex people
  • disabled, Deaf, neurodivergent, and/or from related experiences including chronic illness and mental ill-health
  • from a low-income household

We are prioritising applications from artists who have experienced exclusion and marginalisation.
If submitting video or audio you can say “Yes I identify as being from one or more of the groups listed” or “No I do not identify as being from one or more of the groups listed” or “I prefer not to say”

When could you do your residency?
Please say one or both options: May- June 2022 / January – February 2023

Supporting Material
Please attach up to 4 supporting materials, and your CV. If you have a website or social media platform you would like us to see please share below. Supporting Materials can include: link press, videos (no more than 10mins in total), photographs, extract of your writing?

Your contact details

  • Your Phone number
  • Your Email address
  • Your Preferred communication methods:

We will email all applicants with their outcome. Successful applicants will be contacted and invited to a meeting to discuss their project and any support needs further.

At this stage is there anything additional you would like us to know in terms of how to communicate with you and any needs we can support with? You can upload any access documentation (such as an access rider, access statement or Employment Support Plan) however you will have the opportunity to share this with us at a later date once selected in you would prefer.

Supported by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation