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Writing Songs for Theatre

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Writing songs for theatre with Emmy Award winning composing duo Roddy Hart and Tommy Reilly.

Paisley has always had a rich history of bands, of radical songwriters, of incredible musical talent. It continues to play host to a wealth of songwriting and musicians.

But have you ever tried writing music for a show? For a story that isn't your own?  Have you dreamt of being that person who writes the most extraordinary song which just sums up a whole film or show? Or being the  singer who sings it?

Working with the multi-talented Emmy Award winning writing duo Roddy Hart and Tommy Reilly we will look at   what a Paisley  version of The Wizard of Oz  sounds like. Reinventing the tone, the feel, the musical style to make it feel truly contemporary, speaking to Paisley and speaking to NOW.

Suitable for songwriters, storytellers/lyricists and singers who don't necessarily play an instrument, karaoke queens and kings, crooners and opera singers, rappers and spoken word artists with a minimum basic level of songwriting/lyric writing experience to come and jam, play with ideas, be encouraged and supported to experiment with your ideas in this context.