An a-frame board on a cobbled street. The A-frame features a pink background with the quote 'Now I know I've got a heart 'cause its breaking' and an illustration of Toto

“Wooooof!!” Toto The Dog workshop

The Wynd Centre


In honour of Dorothy's best friend, we invite all 4-legged wannabes to spend the afternoon jumping, growling and chasing your tail in an action packed drama workshop where you will channel your inner Toto the dog.

Become part of the world famous “Bow-Wow Academy” Hollywood dog training school; where you will play games of Agility (Obstacle races), Heelwork to music (Dancing) and Obedience vs Dis-Obedience (Clowning)

Parents/ Carers are invited at the end of the workshop to see a little Crufts-inspired show.

No previous canine experience needed.
Workshop for humans only.

Wear comfortable clothes, bring water and snack.