An A-frame on a cobbled road. It features the quote 'Now I know I've got a heart 'cause its breaking' and an illustration of Toto



June 2022 - June 2023


A yellow-brick road adventure in Paisley

Singers, dancers, choirs, musicians, poets, bletherers, builders, gardeners, and dreamers of Paisley and beyond – run away with us on a magical journey to Oz!

Grab your red shoes and join us for workshops and opportunities galore and share the adventure with artists Cora Bissett and Bex Anson. Everyone is welcome to come together and build towards a spectacular, site-specific extravaganza transforming Paisley Town Centre in June 2023.

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National Theatre of Scotland in partnership with One Ren, supported by Future Paisley. Embarking on an epic year-long adventure in Paisley from the 22 of June 2022.

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