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No longer going ahead as planned



Due to COVID-19, Scottish Government guidelines and our commitment to safeguarding audiences and those we work with, it is with great sadness that we announce that the National Theatre of Scotland, Tron Theatre and Untitled Projects co-production of Hamlet will no longer be going ahead as planned. We are, however, looking at rescheduling this production and will post updates on this as soon as we have further information.

For further information please do contact: boxoffice@nationaltheatrescotland.com

We would like to thank our partners, venues, funders, supporters and audiences for their continued generous support. Our thoughts are with everyone who is struggling at this difficult time.

The tragedy of modern life.

Ophelia, Horatio, Laertes and Hamlet are alienated from the older generation, feel powerless and disillusioned with life, yet remain alive with rebellion.

In this fresh new production, the focus is on Hamlet and his young friends navigating life in a world where the future feels hopeless and politics are corrupt.

This is Hamlet for a new generation, one that will recognise the challenges faced by these young people and the toll it takes on their mental health.

“What are we to do in our information-saturated age?

Do we know too much to be able to act?

Have we all become Hamlet in the tragedy of modern life?”

– Jamieson Webster and Simon Critchley, The Hamlet Doctrine, 2013

Opening at The Tron, Glasgow in Autumn 2020.


Hamlet by William Shakespeare. Adapted by Stewart Laing & Alan McKendrick.

A National Theatre of Scotland, Tron Theatre and Untitled Projects co-production.

Creative team

  • Stewart Laing

  • Alan McKendrick


The National Theatre of Scotland reserves the right to alter casts, performances, seating or ticket arrangements.

Aged 14-26? Theatre for a Fiver tickets available for this production.