Creative Electric

Creative Electric create accessible socio-political theatre and performance for people that may not traditionally attend main stream arts events.

These have included: Sinking Horses, a performative space, in which to explore, create and discuss what mental health is to an individual. Sinking Horses featured 3 40min performances of autobiographical work per day. Glittershit, an audio installation for public toilets that explores the effects of MDMA on a young person over a 3 day period. Wonder, an immersive playground for 16-25 year olds. Treat, a durational performance work exploring the importance of self-care. Hey, I’m Alive!, an endurance performance that explored the isolation of life shortening conditions by placing performers inside giant zorbs. Fragility, a performance with & for young men that explores the pressures of sex and re:place, a continuous art project that provides a creative outlet and basic living essentials for people living on the streets of Edinburgh.

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