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November 2017

Rockvilla Frequently Asked Questions

Designed by multi award-winning Glasgow-based Hoskins Architects, the National Theatre of Scotland’s Rockvilla plays a key role in the development of the cultural quarter, within this regeneration area of North Glasgow.

Why Rockvilla?

We are bringing back to life the historical name, used in the late 19th century, for this part of North Glasgow. The name ‘Rockvilla’ was derived from the area’s many quarries and gave rise to the Rockville House that was built there in the late 19th Century, and then to Rockvilla Church and Rockvilla School – parts of the latter are still visible.

What is it?

Rockvilla is a transformed, former cash-and-carry building which has been disused since 2002, on the banks of the Forth and Clyde canal. It is approximately 3,700 sq.m. (around 37,000 square foot) over two levels, doubling our previous space and providing a purpose-built, flexible and fully-accessible facility, whilst reducing our running costs.

What does it provide?

Three rehearsal rooms of different proportions including one of the largest rehearsal rooms in Scotland where we can work simultaneously on multiple aspects of our productions on-site and it also provides affordable space for small and independent theatre companies to create work.

A Learning and Community Suite where we can develop our education and outreach programmes and work with many harder to reach groups throughout the wider community.

Creative Development Space which will provide new and emerging talent with dedicated spaces to create and develop new work.

A Costume Department including a much needed, full working wardrobe facility with a laundry room, dye room, cutting room, packing area, changing facilities, workshop and store.

A Production Workshop which will bring our technical, digital skills, equipment and resources, into a fit-for-purpose single space.

An Atrium; the social heart of the building, where young and emerging talent will meet and share ideas with some of Scotland’s most established artists.

A Foyer where we will welcome the world to Rockvilla. Each year, thousands of actors, designers, directors, school pupils and community groups will pass through this welcoming reception area on their way to create, learn, work and play.

An Audio Visual Suite featuring state of the art, lighting, sound and filming equipment, the AV Suite will primarily be an editing hub that will be the gathering place of the footage of all of our productions across the country and the starting point for the journey of our trailers, interviews and videos into the world.

Office space, meeting room facilities and social areas for the fifty permanent staff members and seven hundred freelance theatre-makers we employ each year.

Who will benefit?

More than 3,000 people will benefit directly from using this facility each year, including artists, community participants, students and theatre-makers from a variety of disciplines.

By enabling the National Theatre of Scotland to put more of its annual revenue directly into the creation of high-quality work, the building will benefit all of our audiences and those of our partner organisations, totaling around 250,000 people per year.