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July 2017

The Need for a New Headquarters

The National Theatre of Scotland has grown extraordinarily year on year, creating more new productions and reaching larger audiences. In 2006, we toured ten productions to venues across Scotland. Now, we produce an average of 23 productions a year for audiences at home and overseas. As a result, we massively outgrew our original facilities.

Previous to Rockvilla, we made and stored our work in rented buildings in four locations spread across Glasgow. These premises were cramped, with inadequate access and provision for disabled staff, artists and participants. It meant that many of the hugely talented people we work with each year never got the chance to meet and share ideas. It meant we had limited space to develop new work, to encourage aspiring young talent, or to collaborate with other companies. It also meant we were burdened with the costs of renting premises for nearly a quarter of all our activity.

Although its development has been driven by necessity, Rockvilla reflects our ambitions for the National Theatre of Scotland, for Scottish theatre as a whole, and for the cultural life of our nation for years to come.

To find out more about what Rockvilla provides you can read our Frequently Asked Questions.