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May 2017

Starter Programme

Starter Programme

At National Theatre of Scotland, we recognise that one of the best ways an artist can learn and develop their practice, skills and networks is through the active process of making work. And nothing beats dedicated budget, time, space and support in fostering the development of a new idea.

In 2016, we threw open the doors of our new creation centre, Rockvilla, and piloted a new artist residency programme called Starter for 10, that aimed to provide just that support. In 2017 we re-launch this as our Starter programme. The Starter Programme is an initiative designed to seed ideas through the offer of eight artist residencies that come with a budget, in kind space and equipment where available, access to technical advice and expertise, and producing and dramaturgical support from the Artistic Development department.

In addition to this the Starter Programme will provide a further menu of free opportunities, such as master classes, in-kind support and networking events made available to artists working across Scotland. These opportunities will be designed in response to the needs of the artistic community as identified through the applications we receive and will allow us to build relationships with, and support, a wider cohort of artists.

The Starter Programme is supported by the McGlashan Charitable Trust.