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August 2017



National Theatre of Scotland is a theatre without walls. This model has allowed us the freedom to encourage artists to create at the greatest reach of their imaginations across the length and breadth of the country.

In 2017, we have created a new nationwide artist development programme putting that founding ethos – theatre without walls - at its heart. Inspired by the success of our new facility Rockvilla, engendering bold, dynamic, democratic spaces to create in, we introduce ENGINE ROOM.

Engine Room is a new nationwide artist development model focusing on empowering and enabling artistic communities, while still supporting individual artists, collectives, and companies. Engine Room will foster creative environments across the country, in partnership with local venues and organisations. In this first pilot year, we will do this through a shifting menu of free and paid invitations and opportunities, with National Theatre of Scotland staff members relocating alongside it.

These opportunities will build throughout the year. Currently they are organised within strands detailed below or click here to see the full list of opportunities ready to book.

As well as Rockvilla, Engine Room will be in:
Aberdeen in October - click here for more information
with more locations around the country to be announced shortly.

Recognising that most artists learn through the active process of making work, we also offer paid opportunities to develop a new or existing idea.

Other Artist Development Programmes

In addition to Engine Room activities, the Company is working in partnership with a number of other organisations, to provide opportunities for artists from strategic groups, who are currently under represented across the sector.

In 2017 these include:

BOP Artists

Rough Mix – Magnetic North

Imaginate at the National Theatre of Scotland

Limitless Pilot

Test Room – puppet animation Scotland


A space for artists, producers and makers to come together as collaborators, friends or individuals to meet, think, eat, nap, chill out, discuss or learn.

This August, National Theatre of Scotland is partnering with The Lyceum in Edinburgh to present two pop up days of Engine Room Lounge in The Lyceum's rehearsal studio.

We want to create a mental and literal space for artists in the midst of the world’s busiest festival. It’s an opportunity for conversation or for silence, a space where questions can be asked, answered and heard, where debates can take place or where thinking gets done.

If you need some conversation or have a problem that needs solved – creative professionals will be on hand to offer one-to-one surgeries, chats, advice or a friendly ear
If you are hungry - there will be snacks and soft drinks
If you’re feeling stifled or stuck – there will be a provocations and questions wall for artists to build and contribute to
If you’re feeling overwhelmed or need a nap – there will be a quiet corner with noise cancelling ear muffs
If you need to get some work done – there will be desk space and wifi
If you need a break from theatre – there will be a colouring in and crafts table
If you need to charge your phone – there will be power points

DATE & TIME: 15 and 21 August, 10.30am – 5.30pm
LOCATION: Lyceum Rehearsal Studio, 30b Grindlay Street Edinburgh EH3 9AP – Buzzer 1.
BOOK: Artists are welcome to drop by at a time that suits them, though we’d appreciate you giving us a heads up if you’re coming so we know to expect you.

If you want to join us for Engine Room Lounge please email Anna, Engine Room Producer at titling your email ‘Lounge’, and include a note of what day or day(s) you’d like to attend and rough times if possible. Please include a note of any access requirements.

Engine Room Lounge is a flexible space so if there’s particular resources or activities you think would be useful to have there then let us know and we’ll see what is possible to accommodate. If you have a particular question or need some advice and want to arrange a one on one with NTS staff then please outline this in your email to Anna.