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April 2017

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Beyond the Binary: Trans Artists in the Digital World

Live stream: Saturday 18 February, 14:00 - 16:00 GMT

On Saturday 18 February, The Adam World Choir and Queen Jesus Productions presented an afternoon exploring how trans and non-binary artists from across the world are using art and digital media to make a difference.

This event begins with writer and performer Jo Clifford and director Susan Worsfold introducing an extract from the film of their globetrotting creation “The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven”, and is followed by a live link up to the Brazilian production team in São Paulo to discuss the impact of their version of the play in Brazil.

Next up, examining the role of digital art in driving social and political change, is Marc David Jacobs from the Scottish Queer International Film Festival, Artist and Activist Kate O’Donnell and musician and producer Kerry JK who also launched an album of new music from members of the Adam World Choir entitled Songs from the New Genderation.

This event was streamed live online and is still available to watch here .

About the Adam World Choir

The Adam World Choir is part of the National Theatre of Scotland’s 2017 production of Adam a bold exploration of the experience of a young transgender person and an ambitious experiment with theatrical form, blending storytelling, classical composition and mass digital elements from participants from around the globe. The Adam World Choir brings together voices from the online trans and non-binary communities for an integral part of the production.

Adam tours to Traverse Festival, Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Citizens Theatre, Glasgow during August and September 2017.

If you identify as trans or non-binary and would like to get involved with The Adam World Choir please contact