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November 2017

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The James Plays



"A brilliant theatrical epic that redraws the bounds of the Scots' national imagination, it will entrance audiences anywhere on earth."
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"Better than Shakespeare...Rona Munro's thrilling trilogy could be the finest history plays ever penned. A feast of blistering emotion and theatrical might."
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"The most-elating things you'll see all year. Thrillingly authoritative."
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★★★★★ (James I) ★★★★ (James II & III)

"Each play would stand on its own. Taken together, they offer a powerful flavour of a period crucial to the formation of the Scottish state"
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★★★★★ (James I) ★★★★ (James II & III)

"Rona Munro’s new trilogy of history plays, about three generations of Stewart kings who governed Scotland in the 15th century, is a towering achievement. Laurie Sansom directs all this with the ebullience of a man who knows he has a modern classic on his hands. The confidence of The James Plays makes them a defining moment in the theatre of this for-the-moment united country."
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"These are unequivocally plays for today. Throughout Munro skilfully interweaves the personal and the political... Laurie Sansom's production...constantly propels the action forward."
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