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November 2017

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Written by Douglas Maxwell
Adapted from the book "The Flight of the Cassowary" by John LeVert
Directed by Matthew Lenton
A co-production with Vanishing Point

"I look up. The moon is looking at us. A great white eye. I can feel the pressure in its light. Actually I feel like barking. But I don’t."

Paul is trying to grow up. Trying to get his dad off his back and his mum out of his face. Trying to work out what girls are all about. Trying to catch up on the work he hasn’t done. Trying to stay out of trouble. But strange things keep happening. And they are getting stranger. Reality seems to be shifting. People are looking at him in a different way. Does Paul really turn into animals, or does he only think he does?

"Maxwell’s pacy, salty, densely incisive text, deftly interweaving dialogue and internal monologue, is a delight from start to finish." Metro * * * * *

"Terrific tenderness and with a series of beautifully observed performances... blazing with star quality... a combination of flawless technical presentation and sheer emotional intensity that is genuinely memorable." The Scotsman

Douglas Maxwell is one of Scotland’s most exciting and original playwrights. Other work includes Decky Does A Bronco (Grid Iron), Helmet (Paines Plough, Traverse), Our Bad Magnet (Tron Theatre) and If Destroyed True (Paines Plough).

Matthew Lenton is artistic director of Vanishing Point Theatre Company and directed HOME Caithness, part of the launch of the National Theatre of Scotland.