Broadening Access

We are fully committed to ensuring that all individuals have access to our programme of work. We are engaged in a number of initiatives and partners to ensure we are working strategically to achieve better representation across audiences, staff and artists. Our overall ambition is to achieve greater inclusion across the following priority groups:


  • People from ethnic minority communities
  • Disabled people
  • People from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds
  • People from rural and remote areas
  • Gender and sexually diverse people
  • People using Gaelic, Scots languages and BSL

This is reflected in our programme and in the following examples of our current initiatives.



Accessible Performances

We are aiming to offer integrated BSL interpretation for all of our productions in 2019. We are also aiming for each production, at each venue, to have an audio described performance, a touch tour, a captioned performance, and a visual guide available in advance with a breakout space at the performance.

We are also continuing to trial the use of subpacs in some of our shows, which is a form of transformative wearable audio technology that converts sound into high fidelity vibrations for d/Deaf and hard of hearing audiences. 244 people accessed SubPacs during our Futureproof Festival last year and this year, we will be making them available for Them! and Dear Europe.

British Sign Language

Creative Licht is a partnership between National Theatre of Scotland, Solar Bear, Birds of Paradise and Sign Arts to bring together BSL performance interpreters and the theatre sector to find solutions to increasing the quality of BSL provision in theatres.

With BSL now recognised as an official Scottish language, it is important for the artistic community in Scotland to collectively shape new artistic forms to make work as inclusive of, and accessible to, more diverse artists and audiences.

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Neuro Diversity

Our partnership with the National Autistic Society Scotland launched last year with the aim of opening up theatre-making and performances to non-neuro typical audiences and artists.  Every National Theatre of Scotland show will be autism friendly, with visual guides available for all productions.  There will also be a programme of relaxed performances and training for venues and companies across the year.

As part of this partnership, we will continue to work with NAS and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland on the Limitless programme to shift attitudes and open up opportunities for autistic individuals who are interested in theatre and drama.

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First Nights

There are many people, young and old who have never experienced the joy of a good night out at the theatre, our annual First Nights programme targets groups and creates a bespoke theatre going experience for them, with tickets, food, a workshop or post show activity, transport and support. Since 2009, we have provided this opportunity for over 1,600 people across the country.

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