Podcast: Episode One with Lu Kemp


In the first episode of our new collaboration with Brian O’Sullivan’s hugely popular podcast Putting It Together, Artistic Director of Perth Theatre and Director of upcoming National Theatre of Scotland show Ferry Tales, Lu Kemp, talks to Brian.

Lu talks about her early career in radio, the potential for arts to make social change, being Artistic Director at Perth Theatre, the challenges of making a theatre show on a ferry, and her love of medical books.


Listen to the episode below, or on your favourite podcast app:

About the Podcast

The National Theatre of Scotland is collaborating with Brian O’Sullivan’s hugely popular podcast Putting It Together. An episode of the podcast will be available monthly from January 2020 and will see Brian interviewing artists featured in the 2020 programme, recorded at the Company’s Rockvilla HQ in Glasgow.

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Putting It Together with The National Theatre of Scotland

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