Home Away

08/10/2016 – 12/10/2016

In its tenth anniversary year, the National Theatre of Scotland presents its first ever festival of participatory performing arts. Ten…

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Exchange 2016

05/07/2016 – 09/07/2016

Life. Love. Joy. Pain. Male. Female. Past. Future. It’s all here. In ten new shows. Created by ten of the…

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We're Here Because We're Here

01/07/2016 – 01/07/2016

Thousands of volunteers took part in a UK-wide event on Friday 1 July 2016, as a modern memorial to mark…

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The 306: Dawn

24/05/2016 – 11/06/2016

A National Theatre of Scotland, 1418 NOW and Perth Theatre co-production, in association with Red Note Ensemble. The 306: Dawn…

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Oresteia: This Restless House

22/04/2016 – 27/08/2017

A compelling, brutal and blistering drama exposing the fragility of a family’s bonds, Oresteia: This Restless House returns in 2017…

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I Am Thomas

19/02/2016 – 30/04/2016

Collaborating with award-winning poet Simon Armitage, Told by an Idiot, National Theatre of Scotland and The Lyceum, Edinburgh in association…

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The James Plays (2016)

03/02/2016 – 26/06/2016

A bold new Scottish trilogy: love, blood and blind ambition. James I, James II and James III – are a…

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To Begin…

26/09/2015 – 03/10/2015

For the past six months, the National Theatre of Scotland has been seeking out stories in Forres and Wigtown. Real-life…

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08/09/2015 – 02/04/2016

Granite was a major new participatory arts project presented by the National Theatre of Scotland and Aberdeen City Council. It…

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Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour

15/08/2015 – 02/09/2017

Following seasons at the National Theatre of Great Britain, Edinburgh Festival Fringe and a UK Tour, the smash hit, award-winning…

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Dragon (2015)

11/08/2015 – 17/10/2015

Tommy can’t sleep. He hasn’t been able to since his mum died a year ago. Since then, life has gone…

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The Driver's Seat

13/06/2015 – 04/07/2015

Adapted for the stage for the first time, The Driver’s Seat is one of renowned novelist Muriel Spark’s most gripping…

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