As Far As My Fingertips Take Me

24/05/2018 – 27/05/2018

As Far As My Fingertips Take Me is an intimate one-to-one performance piece, a conversation through a gallery wall between…

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Ma, Pa and the Little Mouths

03/05/2018 – 19/05/2018

A snake will always find a way in. And he has. We’ve been sleeping so long that he’s had a…

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The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart

01/05/2018 – 31/05/2018

Pull up a chair and whet your whistle for an evening of anarchic theatre, live music and strange goings-on… One…

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Eddie and the Slumber Sisters

28/04/2018 – 03/06/2018

An interactive, heart-warming show filled with music, magic, and imagination that explores grief through the eyes of a child. Recommended…

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20/04/2018 – 19/05/2018

I know my boy. I’d know if something had happened to him. Maddy and Rory are devoted parents to 3-year-old…

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29/03/2018 – 01/04/2018

Performed in the incredible setting of Summerlee Museum of Scottish Industrial Life, Shift is a dramatic, large scale, site specific,…

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How to Act Student Symposium

09/03/2018 – 23/03/2018

To support the National Theatre of Scotland’s production of How to Act, we will be hosting a number of unique…

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How To Act

06/03/2018 – 23/03/2018

Internationally-renowned theatre director Anthony Nicholl has travelled the globe on a life-long quest to discover the true essence of theatre.…

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SHIFT: Future Forecasts

05/02/2018 – 07/02/2018

National Theatre of Scotland has been working with Culture NL Youth Theatre to create an exciting new production: Future Forecasts.…

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Shift: Lockers

08/12/2017 – 13/12/2017

SHIFT Lockers is a stunning outdoor light and sound installation of up to 100 lockers containing the work clothes, sounds,…

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Let The Right One In (2017/18)

18/11/2017 – 20/01/2018

Presented by the National Theatre of Scotland by arrangement with Marla Rubin Productions Ltd. and Bill Kenwright, in association with…

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Fuaigh - Interweaving

17/08/2017 – 21/08/2017

Using song, story, imagery and dance, Fuaigh – Interweaving looks at the consequences of losing words, land and language and…

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