… to be a 21st century Theatre Without Walls for everyone, that puts Scotland on the world stage and places culture at the heart of society.

In 10 years, we want:

  • to be known as the most audacious and innovative national theatre in the world.
  • to have the most loyal and diverse audience in Scotland and the rest of the world.
  • to be a leading force for positive change in Scottish society, strengthening the theatre sector, encouraging civic engagement and leading the way in environmental sustainability.
  • to be a financially and organisationally resilient company that nurtures its people.



We will make the National Theatre of Scotland’s performances and workplace welcoming to all. We will work with, and for, the full breadth of Scottish society with a focus on those who are underrepresented.


We will be daring in all our work and in the artistic choices that we make. We will scan the horizon for issues that may not yet be in the public discourse.


We will create exceptional work and showcase it all over the world. We will strive to be an exceptional company, demonstrating best practice in all areas of our work.


We will seek out the stories that need to be told. We will be a questioning organisation and build self-reflection into all of our work. We will continue to explore new forms and expressions of theatre, ensuring this art form remains relevant and exciting.


We will share our resources and use our position as a national company to serve and nurture our artists, staff and the wider cultural community in Scotland. We will actively seek to build new partnerships within and beyond the arts sector.


The National Theatre of Scotland seeks to advance and cultivate the arts across Scotland through theatrical performance, collaborations and advancement initiatives. Specifically, the National Theatre of Scotland is established to make theatre accessible and available to all Scottish audiences, to develop interest, knowledge, understanding, appreciation and participation in the arts of drama, acting, theatre and stagecraft in all their forms, and to offer engagement and development opportunities to participants and artists across Scotland, for the purposes of education, community development, cultural participation and wellbeing.

Header: Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour, 2017, Manuel Harlan.