New film project How The Earth Must See Itself set for release

Five performers all wearing the same beige wool jumpers and beige trousers are dispersed on a hill, looking up to the sky and twisting their knees, back, head, and neck to go backward as if slowly falling. They each are at different stages of this movement.They are outdoors in the Cairngorms.

Jo Hellier, Claricia Parinussa, Caroline Reagh, Keren Smail and Petra Söör [Perfomers] on set of How The Earth Must See Itself, 2019. Photography Beth Chalmers

A new short film produced by the National Theatre of Scotland and Scottish Sculpture Workshop, and based on The Living Mountain by celebrated writer and poet Nan Shepherd and artist Simone Kenyon’s Into The Mountain project, is set for release later this month.

Filmed in the Cairngorm Mountains, against the remote alpine majesty of the Scottish Highlands, How the Earth Must See Itself shines a new light on our relationship with mountains and the landscape. Traditional views are cast aside and a more mindful, sensual approach comes to the fore in a striking exploration of the power of the land around us.

Based on artist Simone Kenyon’s Into The Mountain performance project, and co-created with film director Lucy Cash, How The Earth Must See Itself features a cast of five dancers and a natural soundscape along with evocative imagery to bring the landscape to life on the screen. A dream-like voiceover based on Shepherd’s own writings is performed by renowned actress Shirley Henderson.

How the Earth Must See Itself (A Thirling), a 12 minute short film, will receive a special premiere screening at Scottish Sculpture Workshop in Lumsden, Aberdeenshire, on 6th October as part of Live Life Aberdeenshire’s Across the Grain Festival, which celebrates the language and culture of the local area.  How the Earth Must See Itself, a five minute film created for online viewing, will be available at and from Thursday 19 September 2019.

Full information on the project can be found here.

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