National Theatre of Scotland releases first music single, Remember Us.

National Theatre of Scotland releases first music single, Remember Us.

Pictured: Kayleigh Sheilds with microphone

The National Theatre of Scotland is today releasing its very first music single, Remember Us, which is composed by Harry Myers Covill alongside Kayleigh Shields, who also performs.

This is the first produced song for Kayleigh, a 17-year old student at Dundee and Angus college. She said: “I was so thankful when I got the chance to write and sing for the film, doing the whole film was such an amazing experience but being able to actually get my song produced at then it being released is amazing. I’m hoping and excited to do more music in the future and doing this was definitely a push forward for me to do so

The song originated as part of the Company’s Futureproof project in 2018, which marked Scotland’s Year of Young People. As part of the project young people from Dundee worked with Australian company Back to Back Theatre to create RADIAL, a touching, musical portrait of their city in motion. The short film premiered at a special event in Dundee on 17 October 2018 as part of the wider Futureproof Festival.

A special four-minute cut of the film was broadcast on 4 April this year on the new BBC Scotland channel, as part of its Loop series sharing inspiring stories of creativity from across the country’s vibrant arts scene.

Remember Us is now available for streaming and download/purchase from iTunes and Apple and from Spotify, as well as other online music outlets.

More information about the single can be found here.

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