My Left/Right Foot dominates 2019 CATS nominations

My Left/Right Foot dominates 2019 CATS nominations

The cast of My Left / Right Foot stand in a row, with Gail Watson who plays Sheena at the front. Sheena is dressed in an apron and wearing a headscarf. They are mid-song with jazz hands.

My Left Right Foot: The Musical, Birds of Paradise and the National Theatre of Scotland’s hilariously subversive stage collaboration, has picked up a string of nominations at the 2019 Critics Awards for Theatre in Scotland.

The show has been shortlisted across six categories, making it the most-nominated single production at this year’s CATS awards.

The nominations include a Best Director nomination for Robert Softley Gale. The show has also been shortlisted for Best Technical Presentation, Best Ensemble, Best Music & Sound, Best New Play, and Best Production.

Director Robert Sofley Gale has praised the impact of the nominations, saying “We are so incredibly thrilled to receive these six CATS nominations for ‘My Left / Right Foot – The Musical’. We created the show in co-production with the National Theatre of Scotland to mark our 25th anniversary year – making a large scale musical takes so many talented artists working together and it’s a fantastic testament to them that we’ve received this recognition.

“It wasn’t so long ago that work by disabled artists was seen as being on the fringes but now – in 2019 – we can finally have the confidence to say we’re a core part of the arts in Scotland. A huge thanks to the CATS panel for their part in making that so.”

The nominations round out a strong year for National Theatre of Scotland, which has also been shortlisted for Cyrano de Bergerac (Best Female Performance for Jessica Hardwick as Roxane) and sci-fi trilogy Interference, which is also nominated for Best Technical Presentation.

The full list of nominated shows is available here. The awards will be announced at Tramway on 3.30pm for 4pm on Sunday 09 June

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